"I'll Show You How To Create A Simple, Proven System That Generates $5000+ Residual Income (Hands Off) Each Month."

This system will change the way you look at affiliate marketing!


From The Desk of Dean Martin,

Dear Entrepreneur,

After 15+ years online and trying numerous so called 'guru's' latest secret methods I've seen just about every trick there is. And most of them are worth just about the value of the digital paper they are printed on - nothing.

This is not a 'secret method' to 'huge profits' that will 'suck money into your wallet'. Instead, it is a simple proven business method that has been around since the beginning of time - only converted to the digital age and expandable to a scale that was never before possible.

Do you realize there are thousands of products that people use and enjoy each and every day that you can profit from - without manufacturing, purchasing, inventoring or shipping a single item?

We'll show you how to find the products people are searching for, sign up as an affiliate (another word for agent, broker, dealer or middleman) for those products and show you how to build a simple web site that simply connects the buyer with the seller and pays you 10-50% of the purchase price.

This business model is 4000 years old - the only difference is that in those days you needed a huge budget, your own merchant ship and crew along with months of travel to exotic continents to purchase spices or other exotic items and return them to sell to your clients. Today, all you need is a computer and some simple tools (programs) and skills that anyone can learn.

"But I don't have a huge budget for advertising... how will people find my web site(s)?"

There is good news...

You Can Leverage The Marketing Dollars From Huge Corporations To Personally Profit and Put Dollars In
Your Pocket!

Almost everyday it seems you see advertisements on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, and in magazines for anything from flat screen televisions, video game systems, kitchen gadgets, popular movies, home entertainment systems, novelty items, and more.

The companies that promote these products are spending millions of dollars annually to generate interest and buzz for their products.

When this buzz is created you step in and filter off the profits!

Nearly 2 Hours of Step By Step Video Content Shows You How To Create Your Own Online Business, One Profit Center At A Time...

You can now learn how to cash in on the buzz surrounding these popular products and profit 24/7 as an online affiliate. I have compiled a total of 16 powerful videos that show you every step of the way how to be successful online without any inventory, purchasing, packaging or shipping. You don't even have to be a 'salesman' as these are products that people are READY TO BUY!

having to worry about pushing products that no one ends up wanting to buy.

Yes, Dean, I Want to Gain Instant Access

This 16 Part Video Training Course and Learn This Proven System for Making Money Around the Clock . . .

Remember, your purchase is completely Risk Free - if you are not happy with your order, simply contact me within 60 days, and I will issue you a refund as soon as possible.

You have nothing to lose here!





Introducing This Special Video Series:

Niche Affiliate Income Using Hot Everyday Items

This powerful 16 part video series covers the following:

Video 1: Overview of the system and how to find the best products to promote.

Video 2: Select your product to promote and find the best keywords to match it.

Video 3: How to become an affiliate for Amazon.com step-by-step. (This one is HUGE! Amazon sells 300 - 400,000 items per day)

Video 4: Learn the best domains to use for this system and how to register the domain.

Video 5: The steps to setup a quality website hosting account.

Video 6: Domain Setup: The methods for pointing your domain to your hosting account laid out in simple instructions.

Video 7: How to quickly setup a Wordpress website using automatic tools.

Video 8: Learn how to optimize Wordpress using plugins and changing settings to maximize search engine traffic.

Video 9: How to select a free and professional theme that will enable you to profit faster.

Video 10: How to grab your Amazon.com affiliate links.

Video 11: How to create your first money post for Wordpress.

Video 12: Begin promotion of your new site with social bookmarking.

Video 13: Write and submit a press release to get traffic in hours.

Video 14: Leverage top Web 2.0 properties for more sales.

Video 15: Video marketing from A to Z using a unique approach.

Video 16: Rinse and Repeat the steps for other niches and more possible riches.

Now is YOUR Time To Begin...

Now is YOUR time to start succeeding online. This Video Series was designed to give you the step by step, real, actionable strategy you need to profit online without having to risk a penny.

It Does NOT matter if...

  • You don't have your own product...

  • You don't have your own website...

  • You don't have any name recognition...

  • You don't have any joint venture partners...

  • You don't have a niche...

  • You don’t have extra money to spend on making this work…

And even if you are an absolute beginner, you can succeed with this incredibly simple and proven system.

Here's a hint of what you'll discover...

How to quickly find the most popular products that people are ready to buy right away.

The FREE resources you can use to determine the potential success of your campaign.

How to quickly and easily plan your attack on the marketplace for that product.

How a free software program can create cash on demand whenever you open it up and use it... And why this underused free software on your computer will give you the edge to dominate your competition.

A system you can duplicate over and over again to create niche profit centers that generate residual income on a daily basis.

How to profit like wildfire by utilizing underused marketing tactics to drive hoards of 'cash-in-hand' hungry buyers to your offer page.

What sites do you need to use to get your content indexed in the search engines lightning fast so you can start turning a profit.

And so much more!

Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can succeed with this incredibly simple and proven system.

This Video Series was designed to give you the step by step, real, actionable strategy you need to profit online while keeping the risk factor low and your profits sky high!

Is there anything else I've missed? I don't think so! You is the ultimate video series that will take you by the hand and walk you through the affiliate marketing campaign every step of the way. There is no going back once you get started because you'll see just how easy it is to accomplish!

Even More Value For You ...

Along with the complete video course, you will receive the following bonus items, specially chosen to help you increase your profits still further.

Affiliate Marketing Profits 7 Day
Crash Course

  • What affiliate marketing is, plus some simple things that you can do to become a wildly successful affiliate marketer.

  • How to research and choose profitable affiliate programs before you join them, so you don't waste your valuable time and money promoting product that won't make you money.

  • And Much More

Includes Private Label Rights!

Internet Marketing FAQ

  • Why most people fail to make money online and how you can avoid being one of them

  • How to avoid falling for get rich quick schemes that just suck money out of your pocket

  • Why you should not create your own products when you start out online, despite what you’ve heard

  • And Much More!

Includes Private Label Rights!

Socialize Your Way to Profits 5 Day Crash Course

  • What is Social Networking

  • Why Is It So Popular

  • Getting to know MySpace and YouTube

  • Your Socializing for Profit Profile

  • Socializing to Promote Your Business

  • And Much More!

Includes Private Label Rights!

So, what is the bottom line?

How much is a system worth that can put an additional $500-5000 per month in your pocket for the rest of your life? This investment in your future is easily worth several hundred dollars - and the first coaching students that we personally walked through the course paid many times that amount.

Thankfully, you're not going to pay $297, $197 or even $97.

We are making this entire 16 part video series along with all the bonus material available for the low one time investment of only $37.

That's right, this complete system, the same step by step methods we use to teach high paying clients how to pull cash out of thin air... it's all yours for just $37 when you take action today.

You are getting an entire downloadable Home Study Course for less than $40!

I'm confident that this is the program you've been waiting for. Remember, you can make money online for free! It is about time someone taught you how to make money online without having to invest anything.

Okay let's make it happen today!

When you make the commitment to yourself to succeed today, you'll get everything mentioned above... the entire 16 part video series which includes nearly two hours of step-by-step content, but first let me convey my 60 day promise to you...

And remember the Niche Affiliate Empire course is backed by...

60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

When you purchase the  Video Course you will have a full 60 days to review the product and ensure your satisfaction. I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you will learn from this high quality video training. But just in case, you are covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy which means if you are not totally thrilled with this program then you will get a rapid and courteous refund.


Yes, Dean, I Want to Gain Instant Access

This 16 Part Video Training Course and Learn This Proven System for Making Money Around the Clock . . .

Remember, your purchase is completely Risk Free - if you are not happy with your order, simply contact me within 60 days, and I will issue you a refund as soon as possible.

You have nothing to lose here!







Dean Martin

P.S.– Remember, after you invest in yourself by purchasing this course you can begin seeing profits today with this truly life changing step-by-step system.

P.P.S – With the full 60 day money back guarantee you can rest assured that if you are not satisfied with this program within 60 days you may return it for a refund.


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